Make Small Monthly Payments 

 for your annual car maintenance costs.

Automate car maintenace.

Eliminate large maintenance bills 

Elevate your vehicle's value.    

We offer a Budget-friendly solution for expensive and annoying vehicle maintenance bills. 

Car maintenance bills are predictable as they are determined by the number of kilometers you drive in a year.     

If you drive 20,000km per year, your maintenance requirements might look like this;

4 x Oil changes 

2 x Air filters

2 x Tire rotations (winter and summer tires)

2 x Cabin air filters

2 x Brake inspection

2 x Suspension inspection

Annual maintenance cost($)

12 months

Starting at


When you sign up for our Affordable Maintenance Program,

not only does it ensure a reliable vehicle,

it makes budgeting your vehicle expenses a breeze. 

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