When was your last oil change?

How often do you drive past the oil change kilometers?

How often do you wait until your brakes squeal before replacing them?

​Buying and maintaining a new vehicle has become so expensive that for most Canadians, cars are their 2nd biggest after mortgages.

Purchasing a brand new car and basing your budget on the monthly car payments is one of the worst financial decisions you can make. 


Locking yourself into a 4,6 even 8-year term contract for a new car is great while your car is new and under warranty. However, once the warranty expires and your car starts to reveal signs of wear, your dream-car has the potential to become your worst nightmare.  

Thankfully, a well-maintained car should last well beyond an eight-year car loan. 

Servicing your car as per the manufacturer's recommendations is the key to ensuring its longevity and reliability.


Avoiding regular checkups and waiting until warning lights flash in the dash can, and will most likely result in large repair bills every time you bring your car to the shop. 

Gio's Auto - classic bmw
Image by Karl Köhler
Image by Hayes Potter

It's our Job To make sure

you get to yours!

Keeping track of maintenance requirements, booking specific services at a specific mileage...  managing your car's maintenance schedule without a  plan can often result in forgotten maintenance services.

Set your auto maintenance

schedule on cruise control.

Let Gio's Automotive manage your car maintenance program!

How We Can Help;

-We have experience with all makes and models

-We remind you of all appointments 

-We manage all of your service records

-We use pictures and videos to show you parts

 -We offer fair and competitive prices

-We provide a no-contact service


Transparency and good communication are qualities crucial to have for maintaining client trust. 


Most of us have had bad experiences with auto shops and most of us are skeptical when visiting a new one. 

Give us one chance to prove ourselves. Your car will thank you!